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  • 1.  WMTS displaying incorrectly when multiple viewed at once

    Posted 04-04-2023 07:57
    Edited by Maude Chappell 04-05-2023 11:11

    Hi, I am using WMTS from Old Maps Online to compare maps which I will list below, using MapInfo Pro v2021. Individually (seperately opened on blank workspaces) these display correctly but when opened on the same workspace I get a problem: if I open one or two layers these will show correctly, but any more than that and the most recently added layer replicates the first or second one, so I end up with the wrong map repeated in each area there should be a new one. This also changes at different zooms so once zoomed in you might be able to view the correct map or part of it. (all attachments are the exact same apart from altering zoom)

    In QGIS I have used the same WMTS URLs and get no issues. I have also tried altering the image processing, changing the projection (I am using British National Grid), and overriding coordinates but nothing gets me closer.

    Hopefully someone could test this to see if they have the same issue, or point out something that I'm missing? Thank you, Maude

    To access the WMTS you have to log in to Old Maps Online (free) and these are the ones I am using:


    Bath 1
    Bristol 9



    Maude Chappell
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  • 2.  RE: WMTS displaying incorrectly when multiple viewed at once

    Posted 05-12-2023 06:51

    Hi Maude

    I'm coming a bit late to the game but hopefully we can get this working.
    Have you enabled Raster Reprojection from the Map Options dialog?

    Read this post to learn more details about this

    Let us know how this works out for you

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
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