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Data360 DQ+ 10.1 UAT Release Announcement – US/UK/AU/EU

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  • 1.  Data360 DQ+ 10.1 UAT Release Announcement – US/UK/AU/EU

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    November 9, 2023

    Data360 DQ+ 10.1 UAT Release Announcement – US/UK/AU/EU

    An update will be applied to the following UAT environments on Friday, November 10, 2023, according to the following schedule:

    • US UAT environment upgrade on November 10th @5:00 PM CT
    • EU/UK/AU UAT environments upgrade on November 10th @4:00 PM CT

    Please note that this product release is currently only available to Data360 DQ+ SaaS customers.  Any data changes made in the UAT environment cannot be migrated until PROD is upgraded to the same version.

    New in this release

    New Data Load Range Option

    A new data load range option, "Based on File Path Parameter" has been added for input data stores and other executable stages. This option allows users to specify a parameter value at execution time. This additional option saves time by avoiding a folder scan at startup and produces an outright failure if the specified file is not found.

    Improved Node Error Behavior

    Analysis designers can specify when the analysis should end w encountering certain errors as it is running. This improvement fixes an issue where an analysis would continue running when a node failed, instead of logging an error. As a result, Analysis designers can save time and improve the   behavior of their analyses when an error occurs.

    Usability Improvements

    Some of the usability improvements in this release include:

    • Search screen preferences: The search screen now remembers changes the user has made to each search screen they use, including re-arranging, sizing, or hiding fields.
    • Email information in the tooltip: The system now displays a tooltip with the user's email address when listing users to be added to groups or environment groups. This helps to identify the correct user when first and last name information is incomplete or insufficient to identify the desired user.
    • Audit trail data: The system now provides the ability to download audit trail data and access it via an API. This is beneficial for use with audit requests where evidence needs to be provided from the system.  

    To learn more about the Data360 DQ+ 10.1.0 release and learn about all the updates, please see the attached Release Notes

    Ejazul Haque
    Precisely Software Inc.