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Is Tesla a trillion dollar company?

  • 1.  Is Tesla a trillion dollar company?

    Posted 01-15-2020 17:33
    While the stock market is pretty frothy, one investment firm has pegged Tesla as a trillion dollar company! That's based stock price growth from today's ~$540 to $6000 a share! It's already worth more the GM and Ford combined, so how crazy is this prediction?

    Who really knows, but what got me really interested in this story was the rationale. Ark Investment Management founder Katherine Wood said while the 'traditional' car business will account for about $1200 of her estimate, the bulk of the logic is based on this assertion:

    'The winner in autonomous platforms, and in any artificial intelligence project, is that company with the most data and the highest-quality data.'

    It's been said that data is the new oil, so would it be surprising if an electric car company dominates the market because of their data acumen? There seems to be certain irony to that, and I'm not sold on $6000, but it's hard to argue with the thesis.

    Here's a bit more on the prediction if you are interested.

    How are you monetizing your data streams and do you think it could increase your stock price by 10x?

    Dave Andrews
    Pitney Bowes Inc
    Stamford CT