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EventQueue overloaded Warning message

  • 1.  EventQueue overloaded Warning message

    Posted 09-10-2020 10:14
    Hi Spectrum Community

    We have a 3 nodes cluster with Spectrum 12.2
    Since today, in the wrapper.log of the 3 nodes I have a new warning message that appears every 2 hours and I have never seen it before :

    WARN [EventService] []:5701 [MDM] [3.9.3] EventQueue overloaded! Failed to process event packet sent from: []:5701

    Do someone know what is the meaning of this warning ?


    Giang Pham-dac
    Data Manager
    LOccitane International SA

  • 2.  RE: EventQueue overloaded Warning message

    Posted 18 days ago


    just to share an update on this : by restarting Spectrum service, the warning messages finally disappear
    Increasing the memory of the server seems to help also

    We have not really identified the root cause

    Giang Pham-Dac
    LOccitane International SA