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  • 1.  Long running transactions

    Posted 08-27-2021 06:45

    Using a diagnostics tool, we identified business transactions that average more than 10K MS.  Two of them in particular run very long.  I'd like to know if this is appropriate or if it could be indicative of underlying issues.  It might help to understand what is happening with these calls, so an explanation would be helpful.

    /infogixassure/entityresultlistdeletefiltered.sp - average response time is 335,674 ms.  12 calls made over 2 weeks and 5 were very slow.  This is roughly 5.6 minutes on average.

    EEventListenerMDBBean:ER_EventQueue - average response time is 193,308 ms.  548 calls were made over two weeks and 202 were very slow.  This is over 3 minutes/call.

    It's possible to drill down deeper.  E.g. I can find which calls were longest and when and possibly more details about these calls.

  • 2.  RE: Long running transactions

    Posted 09-15-2021 05:04


    The first mentioned ( /infogixassure/entityresultlistdeletefiltered.sp ) is invoked when a user clicks "delete filtered" within the control data results popup window. If a query was opened with the listed results numbering in the millions, for example, 5 to 6 minutes is expected. For further information, the team may navigate to the "system" / "audit history" and search for "control data change" to determine if this may be the case. This will display what the user was doing, against what entity, filter criteria, etc.. This may be a valuable tool to verify what options may be available to improve the performance.

    The second mentioned appears to be about ER, in particular the processing of "event queue" messages. There are "data purge" type events that are subscribed by various components, which may takes minutes to complete. Assure has similar event driven subscription processing for retention, and it is plausible that this may take minutes to complete there as well. Logs should provide more insight on this, which support would be happy to assist with, as needed.

    Matthew Kennedy