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  • 1.  QMatch # of items field

    Posted 10-05-2020 14:51

    One of our key customers requests the following:

    After selecting QMatch, the item # display window no longer shows the number of items listed.  One of our BL partners would like the item number display to still be populated in this scenario

  • 2.  RE: QMatch # of items field

    Posted 09-24-2021 06:56

    Hi Nick,

    An enhancement request for this has been submitted on your behalf.

    Matthew Kennedy

  • 3.  RE: QMatch # of items field

    Posted 09-24-2021 07:11

    Hi Nick,

    So I may provide further details on this enhancement request, please clarify for me what the team is looking for with the "item # display". Perhaps a few screenshots may be helpful.

    Currently the item number displays the row number of a single item selected, though not the number of items selected. Please note, this feature currently does not display when selecting multiple items at once, regardless of QMatch. See screenshots below :

    With QMatch, the item number is still displayed as before :

    Without QMatch :

    As seen in the first screenshot above, QMatch currently shows the total number of items selected ( within v9.3+ ).

    Matthew Kennedy