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  • 1.  ACR Workbench connection to mainframe

    Posted 11-14-2019 09:45

    Is there a way to connect ACR Workbench 9.2 to a mainframe using an SSL connection? In the FTP Error report generated by Workbench I'm getting a message of: "Server requires authentication before command processing" after the ftp open <host>. Then the connection fails because it immediately tries to issue the ftp user command and we receive the message "Server requires authentication before USER command".

    Typically we would need an AUTH TLS command issued to the mainframe between the open and user commands. 

  • 2.  RE: ACR Workbench connection to mainframe

    Posted 11-20-2019 15:07

    Hi Bill,

    Workbench does not use/generate AUTH TLS command for the ftp connection. It simply opens the FTP connection with the information from the Configuration / zOS Information dialog provided by user. Is there a specific use case in mind for needing TLS for the ftp connection? If so, we can connect with our Product Management team to get an enhancement request open for this functionality.

    Thank you,