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  • 1.  Updating File Fields

    Posted 08-15-2021 07:39

    Infogix ACR/Summary IBM Maainframe z/OS 2.4. Have a file definition which is actually a JES spool SYSOUT report. Fields are defined for this input source and assigned to "I" internal items. Over time the report has changed and the field locations need to be updated. How do I do this?

    I think I

    - open the job and bring in the files

    - select the input source

    - go to the extract window and select the file and update the field definitions 

    Is that right ?  

    Then how do I test to verify the fields are being obtained correctly and assigned to the internal items ?


  • 2.  RE: Updating File Fields

    Posted 09-15-2021 05:32


    Within ACR's z/OS panels, the positions are indeed updated through the "extract" page.

    Navigating to this page is done via "window" > "extract" > select input. Alternatively, you may simply place / submit an "E" besides the desired input source. This is a shortcut to the same location.

    In regards to testing if the fields are being picked up with the newly updated positions, there are a few options available though performing a test job run ( reviewing the produced control report ) is the most common.

    Matthew Kennedy