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  • 1.  History Data

    Posted 06-30-2021 13:03

    I know we have the ability to create batch cards for definitions in Infogix and import them into another definitions database.

    This question concerns history.  Is it possible to migrate **selected** history from R20V6M00 to the new 9.4 Infogix ACR/Summary ?

    For example, if we have history data in the R20V6M00 history file for a specific job/step, can we migrate just that history information to the 9.4 history database ?

    I see there is a migration/upgrade utility that expands and upgrades the entire definitions and history database in total, but I am wondering if there is a way to migrate selected history with batch cards or some other method. Thanks


  • 2.  RE: History Data

    Posted 06-30-2021 14:13


    It is possible to copy / migrate specific history to a different database through the following panel : 

    "setup" > "database update utilities :

    As the team is migrating from an old version, I recommend first upgrading the database to v9.4. This will assure that the data format is compliant with the v9.4 version you are looking to import the data into.

    If unsure on any field within these panels, please note, the "F1" key will be a valuable resource in providing additional information. Prior to utilizing the function key, ensure your cursor is on the field in question.

    Matthew Kennedy