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  • 1.  IBM MQ Support

    Posted 05-29-2020 07:29

    Hi Team, 

    We would like to know if Infogix Assure version 8.4 supports IBM MQ series. 

    From the release notes , I could see that the IBM MQ support starting from version 9.0 . 

    Please let us know if it is supported in version 8.4 supports. 

    Also, if  you can provide any link to implement the assure ACR using MQ that would be great!


    Thanks in advance!!



  • 2.  RE: IBM MQ Support

    Posted 05-29-2020 10:58

    One of the ACR products, ACR/Instream, can work with WebSphere MQ. I just added the ACR/Instream documentation to the Knowledge Base for more information.

    For Assure, you would need to upgrade to a newer version in order to get MQ functionality. In general, it's recommended to upgrade off of version 8.4 since it is out-of-support (no new patches) and impacted by the Adobe Flash decommission later this year.