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  • 1.  Same Job definition with two different File definitions

    Posted 04-22-2020 08:43

    Can I run the same Job definition at the beginning and end of the jcl WITH A DIFFERENT FILE DEFINITION then retrieve stored count from the first JOB definition? 

    First Run Job Def Name: TES001DPUARTOTAL

       File definition: Tally all records in File

       Internal Item: (I-001) Tally count

       History Item: (E-001) Retrieve external job results

       Rule: (R-001) [ I-001 EQ E-001] 


    Second run job Def Name: TES001DPUARTOTAL

      File Definition: Embedded Key: Messages Written

      Internal Item: (I-???) Messages Written

      History Item: (E-???) Retrieve First Job (I-001) results stored in DB

      Rule: (R-???) - [  I-??? EQ E-001 ]



  • 2.  RE: Same Job definition with two different File definitions

    Posted 09-23-2021 13:35

    Hi Charlie,

    What you mention should be possible, though the JCL would need to be tested to ensure it has been built properly. If any issues surface in your testing feel free to open a support ticket.

    Matthew Kennedy