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  • 1.  RE: Docker Support Enhancement

    Posted 02-02-2021 03:51

    Hi all,

    I understand that docker is not an officially supported platform because you do not publish docker images. However, I have created a docker image based on Centos that IS working with the silent install method.

    However, it does require manually starting the services within the docker container. Generally with docker containers you set an entrypoint script which is a process that is monitored by docker and if the process is killed it shutdowns the container but can also be used to monitor the health and potentially restart the container if there was an error.

    The current scripts provided by the product for starting the analyze services are not really viable in a docker scenario. I just want to raise this as something to think about or if someone who deals with the DevOps and Release side of the product to reach out with any ideas or has good knowledge of bash to create an entrypoint shell script that can monitor these individual services and if those services are detected as hanging or crashed that the process exists and the container is stopped.

    One another thing to consider is the volume mounting which can allow for easy upgrades by simply re-attaching the same volumes but running a new docker image of the analyze server.

    I am happy to share the docker image for running Analyze to demonstrate how simple it is to have a PoC of a single node Analyze running in Docker.

    Running Analyze in Docker is a strong motivation for businesses shifting to containers.

  • 2.  RE: RE: Docker Support Enhancement

    Posted 02-02-2021 10:25

    Just to let you know, we have Docker support as a roadmap candidate for a future release.

    Many thanks for your post, I have passed it on to our Analyze Engineering team.

  • 3.  RE: Docker Support Enhancement

    Posted 10-11-2022 04:58

    Data360 Analyze supports the use of docker containers for execution sandboxing as from Data360 Analyze v.3.10.0

    Here is the link to the Data360 Analyze Product Announcements page on the knowledge communities:

    If you have signed in you will be able to use the 'Join Community' button to register for notifications of new releases.

    Here is the specific link to the Data360 Analyze v.3.10.0 release announcement:

    See the Release Notes for a brief overview of the Execution Sandboxing with Docker functionality.

    See the Data360 Analyze Server Installation Guide for further information on how to install and configure an Analyze system to leverage Execution Sandboxing with Docker. Product installer software and associated documentation is available to customers on the Precisely Data Experience site:

    Adrian Williams
    Precisely Software Inc.
    Naperville IL