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  • 1.  LAE not using temp-files

    Posted 09-10-2020 01:44

    So, I've previously run some calculations in LAE and was going to resume from where I left it. Normally, the results would be stored in temp-files and the flow is "saved". Now, there are temp-files but the flow is not saved in LAE. Can I fix this so that I don't need to re-run all the nodes?



  • 2.  RE: LAE not using temp-files

    Posted 09-10-2020 06:37

    Firstly, a disclaimer is required:

    The mechanism LAE uses to store the execution state is not intended to be manupulated manually, so your mileage may vary and any modifications would be at your own risk.


    For an LAE Deskotp instance,the state of a run is stored in the associated .brs file. The .brs files are stored in the BRE/brs sub-directory of the LaeTemp directory (e.g. by default the .brs files would be in C:/Lavastorm/LAETemp/tmp/BRE/brs).

    The .brs filename will have the same stem as the name of your graph and have a run identifier suffix to the name.

    The .brs files are textual and can be opened in, say, Notepad++. For each node, there will be key value pair where the key is output:<output name>  e.g. output:out1  and the value will be file:<path to brd>  e.g.


    The .brd files store the temporary data output at each of the node's output pin 

    The output data reference of a node is normally displayed in the Status tab of the node's properties:

    However, in the .brs file, the node is identified by it's 'node handle' key: value pair e.g.   node:5f58f7e57f44133a

    To determine the linkage between a node viewed on the canvas and it's node handle you would need to open the .brg file in Notepad++ and find the node handle for the particular node - indicated by the key:value pair editor:handle=<node handle>  e.g. editor:handle=5f58f7e57f44133a

    Having an easily identifiable name for the node will help in determining the correct stanza of properties/attributes that define the node in the .brg file.

    If the required .brd file exists you would need to edit the brs to point to the correct .brd fie.

    For anything but a graph with a trivial number of nodes this process would be tedious and error prone. The highly recommended action would be to re-run the nodes wherever possible rather than attempting to manually fix the linkages.


  • 3.  RE: LAE not using temp-files

    Posted 09-10-2020 06:44

    OK then, will try and see if this restores the node states.  Thanks for your answer, very appreciated.