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Street Manager Inspection Attachments

  • 1.  Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 18 days ago
    We have found a potential issue with exporting inspections to Street Manager where attached photos are not yet available.  This could occur if an Inspection has been sent from ConfirmConnect but the photos haven't finished uploading yet (maybe because the mobile device is in an are with poor signal).  In this scenario the Inspection could be sent to Street Manager with missing photos.  This can be a problem as Street Manager does not provide a mechanism to update an inspection once created, so there is no way to retrospectively add the missing photos.

    We could potentially address this by preventing the inspection from being exported to Street Manager until all of the linked photos are available.  However, this could result in delays to sending the inspection, and potentially mean the inspection is never sent if there is a permanent problem with one of the linked photos.  This could be resolved by deleting any invalid documents or marking them as [Private] so that no attempt is made to include them.

    In order to implement a change to address this we need answers to the following questions:

    1. What is the maximum amount of time we should delay sending an inspection for if there are missing / invalid attachments (number of hours, days or indefinitely)?
    2. How often should we send email alerts about inspections that haven't sent yet, e.g. on every agent run, after "x" attempts or only when we give up and just send the inspection anyway without the problem attachments?

    Cheers, John

    John Gomersall

  • 2.  RE: Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi John, I will check with my street works manager, ive notice this is happening when there are quite a lot photos sent, some inspectors will take 1 or 2, but some take 10 -20 maybe, Is there any other authorities who take a lot of photos or can they be narrowed down to 5 per inspection? Sarah

    Sarah Beaman
    Liverpool City Council

  • 3.  RE: Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 16 days ago
    Hi John

    We think 2hrs delay maximum whether in or out of hours and email alerts only when you give up as we have a dashboard widget that monitors export failures.

    Hope that helps


    Mick Bird
    London Borough Of Haringey

  • 4.  RE: Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hi John,

    Thanks for this, I have asked our street works team and have some thoughts and questions please.

    They'd prefer to delay inspections and try and send all attachments if possible, but never by more than 24 hours for any inspection; we also wondered whether this was configurable dependent on the risk rating of the inspection?
    Presumably other inspections will not be delayed i.e. where the photos have loaded or just aren't present?
    I think - so long as the maximum delay was reasonable for the inspection type - we'd probably prefer to just have an alert when it eventually sent missing attachments.
    We haven't actually noticed many inspection failure alerts to-date; is that because they have been sending without the photos?
     Is there anything we'd be advised to do, like changing the photo resolution, or would this not make an appreciable difference?

    Lesley Cocker
    Dorset Council

  • 5.  RE: Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hi Lesley,

    You wouldn't have seen any errors, it's just that not all photos would have been sent with the inspection (photos that were sent successfully have the Street Manager file URL added to the document notes field).  If all photos are sent successfully on the first attempt then there obviously wouldn't be any delay.

    ConfirmConnect will already reduce photo resolution to optimal levels.  If you are creating inspections manually it might be advisable to ensure that the Send flag is not ticked on the inspection until all photos have been attached and published / flagged as [public].

    We'd probably need to implement this as a global setting initially so please let us know the longest time you would want to delay the most time-critical inspection by.

    Cheers, John

    John Gomersall

  • 6.  RE: Street Manager Inspection Attachments

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi John,

    Our Street Works team have advised:

    1) It needs to be a fairly short time frame, especially if it is a 2hr failure or S74 they need to be on the system ASAP. I would say a 2hr-4hr window would be the max to delay inspections and even in our more rural areas, they should be in signal by that point to be able to transfer

    2) With us as we are such a big authority and with how many inspections, we do a day we would likely be inundated with alerts and would say that they need to be transferred without the invalid attachments. Likelihood is we would still have the problem images in Confirm so if asked we can manually send via email

    Thanks, Laura

    Laura Perham
    Ringway Jacobs Ltd