A Tale of Two Cities: A Fireside Chat with Sydney and Edinburgh Councils

  • 1.  A Tale of Two Cities: A Fireside Chat with Sydney and Edinburgh Councils

    Posted 09-09-2020 11:33

    A Tale of Two Cities: How Edinburgh and Sydney Are Creating a Data-Driven Approach to Asset Management

    Edinburgh and Sydney are very different cities on opposite sides of the world, with vastly different histories. But they also have much in common. Both are big tourist destinations, have a high student population, and fundamentally they both need to manage a comprehensive range of infrastructure assets in order to enhance services, manage costs, and improve the satisfaction, safety, and well-being of citizens.

    Join us for a special screening of our interview with Sean Gilchrist (Transport Manager – Asset and Performance for The City of Edinburgh Council) and Carl Hanebuth (Asset Strategy and Systems Manager for The City of Sydney) on Thursday 24th September at 10.00am BST to hear insights from both cities as they discuss recent challenges and the data-driven innovations they are implementing to give them a smarter view of the future.

    Topics include:

    • How both cities have had to react against the backdrop of Covid-19 and how their experiences may influence the future of infrastructure management
    • Insight on the challenges and opportunities both cities have encountered as they journey to establishing an intelligent 'single view of the city'
    • Sharing experiences of how IoT is being used to drive proactive monitoring and analytics, automating processes and driving data-driven decisions

    Emma Forrest
    Marketing Manager at Precisely