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Import anything - Features

  • 1.  Import anything - Features

    Posted 09-13-2020 22:33
    Can anyone please share the spreadsheet to bulk import the Features (along with spatial data).
    I tried the sample file available in the Confirm help but I am confused between "Record Id" and "Feature Id".

    Lalit Sharma
    Westlink Services Pty Ltd
    Eastern Creek NSW

  • 2.  RE: Import anything - Features

    Posted 09-14-2020 04:00
    Hi Lalit

    As well as the information in the Confirm help file you can look at the knowledge article Using Import Anything to import Feature and Feature Attribute records into Confirm.

    Feature Id updates the feature.feature_id database column but Record Id is only used  to identify links between different sections of the import file.  In the example in the help file, one of the Features has a Record Id of FEAT002.  This extract from the example shows  FEAT002 is used to identify the Feature Attributes and Document Link associated with the Feature but it is not imported into the Confirm database.

    2,Feature,FEAT002,HIGHST,3002,FT1/002,FT1,01/01/2018,,Corner of High St and Church St
    2,Feature Attribute,FEAT002,COLO,BLUE,,
    2,Feature Attribute,FEAT002,INDA,,,03/03/2018
    2,Feature Attribute,FEAT002,WIDT,,8.2,,
    2,Document Link,FEATURE,FEAT002,D:\Links\Documentation.txt,Notes about this document

    To import full spatial data and not just Easting and Northing coordinates, import the Feature using Import Anything (Import Data) then user Map > Feature Map Layer Import on the Confirm Explorer to import a map file.  The map file needs to have a column that contains the Central Asset Id of the Feature in Confirm.

    Chris Wareham
    Senior Technical Support Analyst