Android 11 - Confirm Connect & Third Party Apps

  • 1.  Android 11 - Confirm Connect & Third Party Apps

    Posted 12-23-2020 06:30


    I think I know the answer to this question but would appreciate hearing from anyone who has already looked into this as I don't have an Android 11 device to hand at the moment to verify myself and we are looking to do a device refresh in the new year.

    Google confirms Android 11 will limit third-party camera apps because of location spying fears - The Verge

    Within the above link, i can see the following which is what i am interested in relation to Confirm Connect:

    • Apps will still be able to launch the camera app of your choice, too; they just can't import any photos or videos that way

    Does this mean if using a third party camera app, we could take pictures as normal through Confirm Connect, but we would then have to manually upload photo(s) taken from the device to attach them to a defect (for example) afterwards turning this into a 2 step process?


    Tom Condick
    Confirm Manager
    Somerset County Council