Attribute Type Dependencies

  • 1.  Attribute Type Dependencies

    Posted 11-16-2020 20:42

    Have followed directions for setting up attribute dependencies, but when adding a new feature, the dependencies are not flowing down to those that are linked.

    eg I have a list of sign types which is linked to the sign color attribute as the dependent attribute.

    My expectation is that when a sign type is selected, the assigned default value for the color should automatically select.
    Is that the correct expectation?.

    I also assume that the dependency allows for multiple values to be shown in the picklist.   I have a category code attribute and a size attribute.  The size attribute can have multiple sizes linked to a category code.  Is my expectation correct that if a category has 4 sizes that are relevant to it, those 4 sizes should be shown as list options when a category is selected.

    Stephen Perger
    Buloke Shire Council
    Wycheproof VIC