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    Community Manager
    Posted 06-12-2019 11:45
    Edited by Lee Henty 08-22-2022 10:57

    What is the Knowledge Communities?

    The Knowledge Communities is the place to discuss the Precisely software products that you use to meet your needs. Collaborate with other users, find inspiration with what your peers are doing, participate in contests, or check out what's coming in the community blogs.


    What happened to Li360?

    Li360 was the community we had that was focused exclusively on Location Intelligence solutions. We wanted to expand the community to include all of our solutions, so we moved to a new platform that will let us continue to grow. All the content from Li360 has migrated with us, so that information is still here.

    Is this where I can get Technical Support?

    No. This site is meant for collaboration and discussion, not for technical support. If you have an error or problem with one of our products, please send an email to to get help directly from our technical support teams.


    How do I make a payment to my Software account?

    You cannot make payments on your account within the communities. If you have an account or billing question, contact your account manager, or if you are not sure who that is, email for assistance.

    Do I have to own a product to participate in the community?

    No, you don't need to own a product to participate. If you're considering one of our solutions, or comparing some options, we encourage you to look around and ask the community your questions.


    Is this site just a big sales pitch?

    Absolutely not! We asked many of our customers and community members for feedback leading up to the new community launch, and almost universally we were told that you want a place to talk about our products without being sold to. We will inform you of new releases and hype up new features, but we promise, no sales pitches here.


    Okay, what if I actually do want to buy something?

    This question has two answers - are you a current customer looking to purchase something in addition to what you already have? Contact your Account Manager and they will help you out. If you are not a current customer or don't have an Account Manager, you can contact sales here.


    How do I earn badges?

    Badges can be earned for many different actions on the site. The easiest to earn are for participating in discussions in the community. There may also be some secret badges you can earn that we wouldn't want to give away the surprise for! If you think you're missing a badge for any reason, contact the moderators here and we'll look into it.

    I saved a draft post, but now I can't find it. Where did it go?

    Drafts can be found by going to your profile and clicking on the My Contributions tab, then choosing List of Contributions. This is a bit hidden, so there is a special link in your dashboard on the Community's home page. Look for the "Drafts" link just below where your profile completion % is displayed. Note - the drafts page will be empty if you don't have any drafts saved.

    Have a question not answered here? Ask it in the community, or contact for assistance.

    Sydney Lawton
    Community Manager