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Help with Spatial Aggregation feature in SSA

  • 1.  Help with Spatial Aggregation feature in SSA

    Posted 11-13-2020 08:01
    Hello, we've recently been exploring this feature called "Spatial Aggregation" in Spectrum Spatial Analyst 2018.2 and managed to do some progress creating a table that uses the GEOHASH field and load it to Spectrum. However, don't see what else can be done once the layer has been created following these guides:

    Spatial Aggregation in Spectrum Spatial Analyst
    Adding a Geohash Index to a Table

    The only difference that I see compared with a regular layer is that features in the callout show in a way slightly different. I would expect to be able to aggregate attributes, or display the number of occurrences attached to each point in the map, similar to what other platforms do.

    Are there any examples available that show visually what's the full potential of this feature, and  how it is achieved?

    It could be from a real case, or from a document with screenshots etc.

    Kind regards,

    Miquel Roy Sunyer
    Kirklees Council