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Connections in Spectrum Spatial 20.1

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    Posted 02-09-2021 19:56
    Edited by Russell Ferguson 02-10-2021 00:57
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    I have just installed Spectrum Spatial 20.1 on a new installation. I am  trying to connection a Cloud service namely to share point, it does say in the user guide that it is possible however as can be seen in the attached image, it does not show as an option in the list. Any ideas?

    I have found it under Big Data connection in the installer.

    However when I try to connect to our sharepoint server I am getting an error as Follows.

    Error: The connection was unable to connect to the data source. This error occurred: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: No group 8
    Russell Ferguson
    Ararat Rural City Council
    Ararat VIC