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Problems with thematic style for boolean field

  • 1.  Problems with thematic style for boolean field

    Posted 03-22-2021 05:52

    I'm having some trouble with defining thematic style for a layer in Spatial Manager. After defining and applying thematic style with individual values for boolean type field (true or false, "all others" disabled), style would not appear in SSA. Furthermore, style defined for "all others" would be applied to all the features on this layer (although, "all others" option is disabled in Spatial Manager). I have tried it with several layers based on several tables (regular and view tables) and it seems to me. Is it some kind of bug or am I the only one experiencing that kind of behavior?
    I'm using Spectrum version 20.1 and SSA version 2020.1.S04.


    Ott Koik
    Ruumab OÛ

  • 2.  RE: Problems with thematic style for boolean field

    Posted 04-07-2021 20:49
    Hi Ott,

    I can confirm the same behaviour, I loaded a TAB with a logical field and then created a Layer with a theme on this field via Spatial Manager, this resulted in a white polygon with no border which is not what I set it the theme.

    I would suggest this needs to be reported to precisely support.

    Duri Bradshaw
    Spatial IT Consultant
    Insight GIS