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WMTS issue

  • 1.  WMTS issue

    Posted 07-12-2021 06:04
    We are using MI PRO 2019.3 to try and open a WMTS Server.
    The sample servers provided can all be accessed ok to generate tiles, but when we try to add and access a new URL, we get the following error:

    This does not seem to be a server side error, as the WMTS opens and functions perfectly well in QGIS / ArcGIS Map Server.
    Is this something we can get around?
    Sorry, we can't provide the URL as it the data is subject to license agreement.

    John Bradford

  • 2.  RE: WMTS issue

    Posted 07-15-2021 12:49

    would you be able to share the url with our support team? Hard to otherwise provide any help.

    And you are certain it's a WMTS server and not a TMS Tile Server?

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data

  • 3.  RE: WMTS issue

    Posted 07-15-2021 13:05

    From the error message, it looks like Pro is having trouble with a HTML entity, specifically the inclusion of a   (non-breaking space) perhaps in the service name, description or other text field.



    Warren Vick