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MapInfo Monday - Organising Windows

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    Posted 10-12-2020 10:40
    Edited by John Ievers 10-12-2020 10:42
    Hello all - Peter is away this week and he asked me to share/continue the Monday top tips.
    If you are like me, your workspaces will have lots of maps, browsers, layouts, legends and tools open
    Lots of windows
    Usually more than this... and this can be a challenge on a laptop to organise. Much easier on a large screen or even two!
    A right-click on one of your map, browser or layout title bars gets you to a handy shortcut menu that offer lots of choices
    Options for arranging and handling windows The choices are fairly self-explanatory and the horizontal and vertical tab groups allow you to neatly divide and sub-divide your screen to accommodate different windows. The Clone function allows you to duplicate a Map Window with all your style and zoom settings without starting from scratch - and I use this a lot when working on different areas of a map. Hence it becomes really easy to generate a lot of windows. Being able to Rename a Map Window in the Layer Control (right-click > Rename) is also very useful in navigating between your many windows.
    So it is really easy to fill your application with lots of windows. The Hide function comes in useful when you actually want to clear some clutter - but that leaves the issue of "How do you Unhide a Window"?
    If you scroll down in the Explorer Panel, below the Layer Control, you will see the information panes for Tables, Windows and Connections.
    The panel where you can switch panels on and off
    As you can see, the tick boxes allow you to hide and show all of the windows and panels. Perhaps you could explore this area to  manage and tidy up many of your workspaces.

    John Ievers
    CDR Group
    Hope Valley, United Kingdom