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Outlook 365 loses .ost conexion, is guilty Mapinfo 2019?

  • 1.  Outlook 365 loses .ost conexion, is guilty Mapinfo 2019?

    Posted 06-25-2021 17:43
    Hello people.

    Last year, in teh middle of this pandemy, my client called me, he was very scared, something was happening when he installs the new version of Mapinfo (MIP2019.1) ... all was working perfect when MIP17 , but in the right moment when they install the new MIP, the outlook start to fail.... 5 computers in the same situation. I started to study the case, my client saying MIP is the guilty for some reason we don´t understand, but this is it!!!!!.....

    So, when a program starts on problems in windows, in most part of times, only unistall it and the problem goes away.... but in this case, when i uninstall the MIP19, the problem stays.... only formating the computer.... a virus?.... something inside of MIP is changing the windows programming?.... why MEEEE?

    From support, toldme they don´t have nothing about or similar.... BUT, in 2012 happend something wierd and this could help... the ACE is not working fine with some office programs.... those programs are from microsoft, but they togheter crashed, and the solution was , install the ACE in passive mode, this is uninstalling the ACE (Access Database Engine) from windows programs and then install it from CMS like this: C:\Users\YourUserNameFolder\Downloads>accessdatabaseengine_X64.exe /passive and Enter
    The ACE 2016, will be installed on passive mode, this is somethign similar to anti-crashing mode... but this failed.

    I was very worried and despondent, but but i kept working on the case.... Based on this notice from support,  i saw in my laboratory, all started to wrok fine.... not in the costumer computers, only in the mine.... so i wass thinking, this ACE most to have something in business.....

    The ACE (Access database Engine) help to "no microsoft" programs, like MIP, or SPSS or Autocad, etc.... to open excel or access files, this is very normal.... but in the office 365 version there are something inside of ACE2016 that produce a very small crash or bug and the result is "lost of OST conexion"... so, the user can´t see the email in the main panel. The outlook starts to show the error : "outlook can´t show the messages on the view panel, please restart outlook, or turn web service"....

    The solution was, change the ACE2016 for ACE 2010. Now a day, if you installs MIP2019.1, .2, .3 it will install ACE2016, if you have outlook 365, this could be the problem.... but here you have the solution. This is not a MIP2019 problem, this is a Microsoft error.... Precisely doesn´t make ACE´s, this is a microsoft product....

    I hope this help someone, someday....

    Thanks. Blessing from Costa Rica

    Franz Herrera
    Business Intelligence Consultores
    Costa Rica